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Ten Must-Haves for Your Emergency Car Kit

If you’ve never found yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, an overheated engine, or a more serious car problem, count yourself lucky. Part of car ownership is recognizing that sometimes the unexpected will happen, and being prepared to handle it. Having an emergency car kit will help you to be prepared in the event you find yourself stranded.

Emergency Car Kit Preparation

Here is our list of top ten must-have items for your emergency car kit:

  1. Shovel – for digging out of snow, mud, or other elements.
  2. Gravel, cat litter, or salt – offers traction if your car is stuck due to ice or snow.
  3. Blankets – in the event you are stuck in the cold for a long period, you’ll be happy to have this.
  4. Gloves – keep a pair of gloves in the car during the winter months, in case you need walk to the nearest gas station, dig out, or work under the hood.
  5. Phone charger – keep an extra phone charger in the car in case your phone dies and you need to call for help.
  6. Tools – Be sure to have jumper cables, the tools needed to change a spare tire (including a jack and a wrench), duct tape, and a multi-purpose utility tool.
  7. Water and high-protein snacks – just in case you’re stuck for a long period or overnight.
  8. First aid kit – In the event you are in an accident and someone is hurt, you’ll be able to administer basic first aid.
  9. Windshield ice scraper and windshield wiper fluid – especially important in the winter months, an ice scraper and windshield wiper fluid will help keep your windshield free of mud, ice, and snow.
  10. Roadside triangle and flares – this will help others to see you.

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