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Silverado High-Strength Steel Beats Aluminum in Testing

If you want rugged durability in your truck, you might want to choose the new Chevrolet Silverado. Chevy recently performed a series of tests and launched a new ad campaign on the differences between aluminum and steel frames—with some surprising results.

According to Chevy, the brand put the F-150 and the Silverado side by side. While the F-150 is made from aluminum, the Silverado has a high-strength rolled steel frame. Using landscaping blocks, Chevy dropped 825 pounds of materials from 5 feet to test resilience. While the Silverado was unmarked for all 12 drops, the F-150 developed over 4 holes per drop.

In a toolbox demonstration, Chevy sought to test some real-world incidents. Dropping a box (weighing 32 pounds) from the side rail of the truck bed, the F-150 developed severe puncture damage, while the Silverado high-strength steel design remained solid. Over the course of 26 real-world tests, the Silverado only had 2 marks compared to the F-150’s 65 dents and gouges.

The secret to the Silverado design is simply using quality materials. Rolled steel is perfectly engineering to withstand heavy payloads and heavy use. Chevy also performed extensive laboratory research at the GM Research and Development Lab using a Dynatup machine to measure impact. Ruptures, fractures, and punctures are all more likely with an aluminum bed and frame. Why settle? Get the Silverado with high-strength steel.

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