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Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota

Downtown Winona
                                                      Downtown Winona. Photo by Corey Coyle.

The town of Winona may not be the most populated area in Minnesota, but it has plenty of treasures to call its own. Winona is known for its open landscape and scenic views that create some of the most exceptional sights in the country. There are quite a few popular tourist attractions in Winona as well. Here are a few things to do in Winona, as suggested by us here at Dahl Chevrolet.

  • Minnesota Marine Art Museum – Visitors in search of a unique town treasure can find it in the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. The museum is quaint and welcoming, while simultaneously featuring a wide collection of art. World-renowned artists and their work have a place in the museum. The attraction also hosts special exhibits every now and then, so call ahead.
  • Garvin Heights – There are few areas in Minnesota as scenic as Garvin Heights. The view stretches from Lake Pepin to Mount Trempealeau. The bluff overlooks the Mississippi River Valley, including a fantastic look at Winona from above.
  • Lake Park – Nature is at its most beautiful in Lake Park of Winona. The family-friendly location is perfect for picnicking, boating, fishing, and much more! It’s easy to spend the entire day at the park and not even know it until it starts to get dark.



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