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What Can You Do in the Time You Save By Servicing at a Dealership?

Finding time for various activities, whether for business or for pleasure, can be a little difficult, especially if you also need to take your car in for service. Fortunately, servicing at the dealership can save you both time and money, something most people want more of. Here are some things you can do in the time saved by servicing at a dealership from us here at Dahl Chevrolet.

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  • Mow the Grass – If you have a yard in a suburban area, then odds are you can mow your lawn in under an hour. A good chunk of that time can come from servicing at the dealership. Since the manufacturer-trained technicians work on a specific make and model the majority of the time, they tend to know the process by heart. That means servicing at the dealership could allow you enough time to finally get around to mowing your lawn.
  • Dust – If there’s one thing most homeowners tend to ignore, it’s dusting the house. No matter what you do, dust accumulates over time, and odds are you have more pressing matters to attend to. Fortunately, quick service at a dealership means you could gain enough time to quickly dust surfaces around the house.
  • Relax – A busy work day and household chores can cause stress and irritability. Sit back and relax with the time saved by servicing at your Dahl Chevrolet.

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