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Halloween Safe Driving Tips

Halloween is just around the corner – and that also means that for one night, children will swarm the streets, making driving more dangerous than ever. If you need to drive on Halloween, follow these safety tips to ensure a safe evening for everyone.

Drive slowly, and don’t pass other vehicles. Make sure to drive more slowly than usual, and expect that children will be everywhere, because they will. Avoid passing other vehicles, as children may walk around the vehicle in front of you, never expecting you to be coming their way.

Avoid distractions. We can preach about ditching the distractions all day, every day – but on Halloween, there’s no room for error. If there’s one day you tuck your phone out of reach, make it Halloween.

Assume children will run into the street. It only takes a moment for a kid to escape his or her escort’s attention, and dart into the street. With so many distractions, kids are more likely to make impulsive decisions.

Yield to pedestrians. Trick-or-treaters will be crossing the street all over the place, not just at intersections.

Leave early. Avoid the stress of running late, and give yourself extra time to go slow and stop for pedestrians.

To keep your own little trick-or-treaters safe, consider these safety tips.

Here at Dahl Chevrolet, we wish you and your family a safe and fun Halloween!

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