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Fall Driving Hazards

While fall generally offers mild weather, it also brings along with it the potential for a number of hazardous driving conditions. As the days get shorter and unpredictable weather rolls in, keep in mind these fall driving hazards before you hit the road.

Leaves on the road. During fall, large amounts of leaves can cover the roads, becoming especially slick if it rains. Even worse? If temperatures drop below freezing, those leaves turn into little sheets of ice. Additionally, leaves can cover road markings, making it difficult to see potholes, distinguish lanes, or see the side of the road. Slow down in areas where leaves cover the pavement, and keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you.

Fog. Cool, wet mornings often result in fog. Be prepared for reduced visibility, and keep your distance from the drivers in front of you. Use your fog lights or low beams, and never use high beams in fog, as it reduces your visibility.

Rain. The fall season tends to bring with it plenty of rain, but now with the potential for freezing temperatures. Be especially careful when driving in the evenings – as the sun sets, temperatures drop, and the roads can become icy. Regardless, make sure you keep your lights on in the rain, inspect your tires’ condition regularly, and be sure your windshield wipers effectively clear moisture from your windshield.

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Here at Dahl Chevrolet, we wish you a safe and colorful fall season!Fall Road

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