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How to Replace Your Car’s Radiator

If you’ve noticed a strange smell and you’re car is overheating, the problem could be your radiator. Your car’s radiator passes hot coolant through metal fins, which move the heat away from the liquid and into the air, cooling the coolant back to a normal temperature. When your radiator fails, you’ll notice the coolant leaking from beneath the car or in the engine compartment, your car will overheat, and/or you’ll notice low coolant levels. When this happens the radiator must be replaced right away. And we can help you replace your car’s radiator!

The good news? Replacing your own radiator is affordable and easy. Follow these simple steps to replace your car’s radiator. (Keep in mind your specific model may differ, so refer to your owner’s manual for more detailed instructions.)

Engine Radiator

Not sure what your radiator looks like? Here’s a typical engine radiator.

  1. Remove the fan shroud that is bolted to the radiator unit. Carefully remove the bolts or screws, and be sure to disconnect all the wiring in the cooling system harness before pulling anything out of the engine bay.
  2. Drain the radiator. Get all of the coolant out of the radiator and be sure to properly dispose of it, as coolant is a hazardous material.
  3. Remove the radiator. Using long ratchet extensions, remove the bolts that are keeping the radiator mounted. Disconnect all the hoses, including the large upper hose, lower radiator hose, and smaller overflow hose by unclamping them. Be sure to remove any wiring and disconnect any rigid lines. Once this is done, you can pull the radiator out.
  4. Remove sensors. You’ll find that the radiator is equipped with sensors. You’ll want to carefully remove them, as they can be reused with the new radiator.
  5. Replace the radiator. Now it is time to install the new radiator, by doing the exact reverse of what you did when removing it. Replace the sensors, put the radiator back in the car, and replace the wiring and re-clamp the hoses. Finally, replace all the bolts and screws you originally removed.

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Here at Dahl Chevrolet Buick GMC, we are more than happy to make your life simpler by replacing the radiator for you. Make an appointment with our knowledgeable service department today.

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